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From Jeffrey Horner <>
Subject On distributing libapreq2
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 15:27:47 GMT
Okay, I'm to the part where I've identified the functionality of 
libapreq2 (proper, just the library without mod_apreq2) that I want to 
use in my apache2 module (mod_R, R is the statistical language). Now 
I've got to solve distribution of my module with libapreq2, and I'd like 
to get your input.

I could distribute the whole source package with mod_R, build it and 
install just libapreq2.os.*. This seems the simplest, but folks who 
already have libapreq2 installed AND in use will run into problems.

I could add the libapreq2 objects to my mod_R shared library upon 
install, but wouldn't folks who already have a version of libapreq2 
installed and in use still have problems, multiply defined symbols and 

Any other options? I sure hope the apache httpd project integrates 
libapreq2 soon so I won't have to worry about this...

Jeffrey Horner       Computer Systems Analyst         School of Medicine
615-322-8606         Department of Biostatistics   Vanderbilt University

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