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From Marc Gràcia <>
Subject Re: Apache Request problems with tildes
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2005 08:34:42 GMT
I've just subscribed to follow this post. 
I have new info about this, the code posted is the place where all
breaks, but the strange behaviour starts on the code that generates the
arglist. Here's the snippet:

        my %args = ();
        my $argstable = $ar->param();
        foreach my $parname (keys %$argstable)
                my @values = $ar->param($parname);
                if (@values == 1)
                { $args{$parname} = $values[0]; }
                        my $aux='xxxxxx_'.$parname;
                        if (not defined $ar->param($aux))
                        { $args{$parname} = $values[0]; }
                        { $args{$parname} = \@values; }

 The call to:

my @values = $ar->param($parname);

Only returns the params previous to the tilde ended param value (not
included). Later, whe we try to do anything with the $ar object, (That's
a guess for my part...), as for example: 

                foreach my $param (keys %args)
                        my $upload = $ar->upload($param);
                        if (defined $upload)
Everything breaks on "my $upload = $ar->upload($param)". With a

Marc Gracia 
Oasys Soft 
Responsable de explotaci├│n y sistemas. 
e-mail :

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