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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: BUG: Apache::Cookie saving expired data
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 17:57:05 GMT
David Robins <> writes:

> C programmers will probably see what's wrong here: copying a volatile
> pointer  (aliasing bug).  The char* comes from SvPV_nolen(), which
> points into the SV, in this case $v from the 'each'.  When $v changes,
> so will the value of path. When $v goes out of scope and its PV gets
> freed, 'val' will be overwritten by  whatever uses the space.
> The same problem occurs in the other generated char* functions,
> e.g. domain,  port, comment, etc.

Exactly- that's another bug we inherited from ExtUtils::XSBuilder, but 
our current svn trunk includes a fix for that.

Joe Schaefer

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