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From Simon Perreault <>
Subject APR::Request API for playing with cookies
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 14:26:01 GMT

I'm getting confused with the new APR::Request API while playing with cookies. 
The documentation is (understandably) still very scarce.

Here's what I have so far.

my $req = APR::Request::Apache2->handle($r);
my $jar = $req->jar;

Now I'm at a loss. The cookies() method doesn't exist anymore. I just want to 
get to the value of my cookie, which is a list of two strings. I can get the 
frozen string of the cookie using:

my $cookie = $jar->{CookieID};

However this is not a blessed object, it's only a string.

How can I get my value() method?


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