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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Language bindings other that Perl
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 02:36:59 GMT
Jeffrey Horner <> writes:

> I'm currently working on mod_R, embedding the R statistical language
> inside of Apache, and I'd like to use apreq.


> My question is can I distribute libapreq with my module. I would not
> want user to have to download both mod_R and libapreq to get the full
> functionality. 

Sure, you can do pretty much whatever you like with the code 
(the Apache License is all you need to comply with).  However, 
if you're talking about apreq2, would it be possible to contribute 
the apreq glue code to this project?  Feel free to make use of the 
glue/r directory in the multi-env-unstable branch (that branch will
wind up moving into trunk before the next developer release).

> Another questions is how come more languages do not use apreq? What
> are their reasons for "rolling their own" form parsers and such?

I know mod_ruby and mod_dtcl use libapreq, but I think they 
include the library in their own distros.  IIRC php4 cribbed 
portions of apreq1's mfd parser instead of using the library's
API, and they quickly earned a few CVE numbers for doing that. 

The hope for apreq2 is/was to distribute it with the httpd server
itself (formally libapreq2 ~> libaprutil, mod_apreq2 ~> httpd module, 
glue code -> mod_perl2), so all apache C modules would have a uniform 
way to access form-data.  Although that hasn't panned out yet, I'm 
still optimistic that it might.

Joe Schaefer

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