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From "" <>
Subject Re: Language bindings other that Perl
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 14:34:02 GMT
At 08:04 AM 4/14/2005, Joe Schaefer wrote:

>Thanks.  I looked it over, but it's still beyond my ken and may
>be a while before I grok it enough to write a functional patch.
>If your chief concern is the spool-file duplication, maybe we 
>should shoot for a working patch first, and *then* look for a 
>way to eliminate the duplication.  Sound reasonable?

Yup - I'll be looking at your apreq_brigade_concat suggestion
early next week, seeing if there is a trivial way to morph the
current body stream (past the ssl filter, before any further
filtering) into a temp file brigade.

Once that works, and libapreq has all the helpers we need, it
should be trivial to wiggle the api to reference a file/mem
brigade for the mime chunks, if they are persistant, or to
rewrite as a file -again- if it's been morphed by a later filter
as a stream.


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