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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: mod_apreq2.c?
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 19:25:12 GMT

Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Geoffrey Young <> writes:
>>hi again :)
>>so, if I include the following line in my base httpd.conf
>>  LoadModule apreq_module modules/
> Hmm, try the following patch (cd to module/apache2 first) 
> and use "apreq2_module" instead.

not quite:

Cannot load /src/libapreq2-2.05-dev/module/apache2/.libs/ into
server: /src/libapreq2-2.05-dev/module/apache2/.libs/
undefined symbol: apreq_module

I think this is in the right direction, but there needs to be lots of
changes for this to happen.  I _think_ that the version is really coming
from filter.c, since <IfModule filter.c> has the proper effect.

the following patch to Apache-Test lets things work out ok on the userspace
end, though I haven't tested what impact it has on the apreq tests themselves.

speaking of which build/ fails if I don't have Test::Inline
installed, which keeps me from being able to compile from trunk at the
moment.  not a big deal, but I thought I'd mention it :)


Index: lib/Apache/
--- lib/Apache/       (revision 165029)
+++ lib/Apache/       (working copy)
@@ -444,6 +444,7 @@
     if ($version =~ qr,Apache/2,) {
         # PHP 4.x on httpd-2.x needs a special modname alias:
         $modname_alias{'mod_php4.c'} = 'sapi_apache2.c';
+        $modname_alias{'mod_apreq2.c'} = 'filter.c';

     unless ($version =~ qr,Apache/(2.0|1.3),) {

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