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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject mod_apreq2.c?
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 19:02:22 GMT
hi again :)

so, if I include the following line in my base httpd.conf

  LoadModule apreq_module modules/

and run an Apache-Test based test, A-T generates

  <IfModule !mod_apreq2.c>
    LoadModule apreq_module "/path/to/"

so far, so good.  now, if I later on do

   <IfModule mod_apreq2.c>

from my the configuration directives within aren't recognized.

I started to dig around a bit but couldn't find where things were going
amuck.  I'll keep digging, though.

note this is on 2.0, where the more intelligent <IfModule> has yet to appear.


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