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From Bram <>
Subject Re: Apache::Cookies vs CGI::Cookies
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 22:28:14 GMT

> Bram, I'm forwarding your request to the libapreq dev list. As at the
> moment I'm not working on it. Hopefully someone will follow up.

I followed it up myself, since the list wasn't responding to it...

I created two patches: one that changes the code, the Changes-file and the
version-number (to 1.34), and one that only changes the code.

Both can be found in the attachment (named -no-version and -version) and
(temporarly) at and

You should be able to apply the patch using: patch -p1 <
Apache-Cookie-patch-version, in the directory of libapreq (that is after untarring
the .tgz from CPAN)

Changes that are made:
* -expires now takes an absolute time as argument (that is to say time since epoch)
* evaluting the object in string context now calls as_string method (as CGI::Cookie

The last change (the string contect) is accomplished by adding the code for it in
the .pm file, this might be slower, but it is the only way I manged to get working
(I have no real experiene with xs).



(PS to Stas: I mailed directly to you since I don't know if you are (still?)
subscribed on the list or not)

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