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From Andy Grundman <>
Subject Status of uploads in 2.05-dev?
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2005 16:18:56 GMT
Hi guys,

I saw this in the 2.05-dev changelog:
- C, Perl API [joes]
   Several upload-related bugfixes:
    1) apreq_upload and apreq_uploads did not search the full body table,

I'm currently using 2.04 and trying to handle multiple upload fields in 
a single form, and also more than one upload field with the same 
parameter name.  They both appear to be broken.  Can you confirm if this 
is broken in 2.04 and if it will be fixed in 2.05?  Is my problem 
related to the above change?  Maybe I'm just doing something wrong?

This code doesn't work:
for my $field ( $req->upload ) {
   for my $upload ( $req->upload($field) ) {
     my $size = $upload->size;
     # etc.

The above code will only return the first file field, and then only if 
it's the first field in the form.  $req->upload($field) always works but 
only if you supply all the form parameters manually. 
$req->upload($field) does NOT work to pull back multiple file fields 
using the same name, it only gets the first one.

Andy Grundman

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