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From Markus Wichitill <>
Subject Re: Upload Question
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 20:09:43 GMT
Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> I've noticed that i can't seem to affect the umask of uploaded files 
> that i $upload->link()
> I *think* this is because I am changing the umask in mod_perl, and the 
> link is happening in libaprq, so nothing I do in modperl affects libaprq 
> -- and that the only way for me to change the umask used to create the 
> files via link would be to change the umask for the apache user (or call 
> a chmod in modperl after the link).
>  i'd like to eliminate the chmod call if possible, but it does work so I 
> can live with it
> can anyone confirm this or yell at me for being stupid?

I stumbled over that a few years ago, too. apreq 1.x has the file 
permissions hardcoded to 0600 and ignores the user's umask. Just keep the 
"chmod 0666 & ~umask(), $file" or whatever.

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