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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: towards a 2.05 release
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 16:17:04 GMT
This is exactly why I suggested having a pre-2.05 release.

As Joe wrote, the source is not ready for 2.05, especially when there
is currently a regression in some areas in comparison with 2.04.

My suggestion: Give us a pre-2.05, without a usable Perl, and without a
correct documentation, so we can at least play with the new C API.

While the developers completes the work (Perl/doc/etc.), the rest of us
can port our code to the new C API and find all the last-minute-bugs.

I believe that it can lead to a better 2.05, maybe even without the
"-dev" extension...  ;-)

Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Max Kellermann <> writes:
> > On 2005/03/09 15:49, Eli Marmor <> wrote:
> >> Following the major patches, API changes, modifications and
> >> improvements since 2.04, is it possible to release a pre-2.05 (or a
> >> candidate to become 2.05) so we can start testing it and find bugs
> >> or problems under specific platforms, environments and
> >> configurations?
> >
> > I think we should rather push 2.05 through the door, finally.
> Release a 2.05-dev soonish?  Sure, but the multi-env branch needs
> to become trunk before that happens, and there are a few obstacles
> which currently prevent that:
>    1) sorting out the perl APIs:
>       a)  Providing the missing Table/Upload/Error APIs.
>       b)  Renaming Apache::Request -> Apache2::Request, etc.
>       c)  Documenting the new APR::Request modules, and fixing the old docs.
>    2) Cleaning up the C API docs, and getting doxygen to pull
>       it all together properly (including the perl docs).
>    3) Fix `make release`, and other CPAN-related build stuff.
>       I'm not sure this actually needs to be done in the branch
>       itself, but it is a regression when compared to trunk.
> > What is left to do? I havn't taken time to work on libapreq in the
> > last weeks... let's make a "code review" session in the next few days
> > and collect ideas which should go into the stable API.
> +1 for reviewing the C headers + documentation ASAP.  Anything
> documentation that gets translated into the test suite would be
> ideal.
> > Joe, what is the status of the perl glue?
> Should compile cleanly and test fairly well.  The current tests will
> fail on the missing Upload APIs, and the table APIs are also missing
> some functionality (notably do(), but I don't plan to provide set/add,
> nor will we inherit from APR::Table).

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