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From Max Kellermann <>
Subject [PATCH multi-env] remove size() functions, empty string on n==0, apreq_fwritev() rewrite
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 23:30:21 GMT
- remove apreq_param_size() and apreq_cookie_size()

- make apreq_join() and apreq_params_as_string() return an empty
  string on n==0

- rewrite apreq_fwritev()
- no recursion; while(1) instead.
- optimization: eliminate one loop checking the whole iovec array
- check for endless loop (len == 0)

please review the last patch very carefully, because I havn't tested
that (writing a test for apreq_brigade_fwrite() is on my TODO list).

Another remark: error.c checks the apr_strerror() value for
APR_EGENERAL. A message for that was not implemented until httpd 2.1,
i.e. the test fails with httpd 2.0.53.


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