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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: obsolete functions?
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 17:03:20 GMT
Max Kellermann <> writes:

> I noticed the following functions, but couldn't explain their use in
> libapreq2:
>  apreq_quote
>  apreq_quote_once
>  apreq_memmem
> apreq_quote is used by apreq_join with APREQ_JOIN_QUOTE, but I do not
> see yet how this option helps apreq2. apreq_memmem is not used at all.

The quote functions are there mainly to give users a way to create
rfc-compliant cookie values and attributes.  For portability reasons
we can't enforce proper quoting in apreq_cookie_bake(2).  The best
we can do is provide functions that do "the right thing", and let 
our users take advantage of them when it makes sense for them to do 

apreq_memmem is a relic from libapreq1;  I don't mind removing
it because apreq_index does basically the same job.

> Why are both apreq_encode and apreq_escape exported? apreq_encode is
> potentially unsafe - you need a 3*length+1 buffer in the worst case;
> this is not explicitly documented. We should only export the safe
> equivalent function apreq_escape.

I disagree; we should just document the 3*length+1 figure for 
apreq_encode.  It's useful to have an encoding function that
isn't tied to a pool allocator. For example, the perl glue 
uses apreq_encode to write the result directly to a perl SV.
Replacing that with apreq_escape would just be a waste of 

Joe Schaefer

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