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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [multi-env] file/dir renames
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 04:14:10 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Joe Schaefer <> writes:
>>Max Kellermann <> writes:
> [...]
>>>things to be discussed:
>>>- rename apreq.h to apreq_util.h? I find it confusing to include
>>>  apreq.h and not to get any of the important libapreq2
>>>  features. Maybe rename "apreq_env.h" to "apreq.h" then, because it
>>>  provides the core features?
>>+1.  Unless someone objects, I'll take care of this rename in a few
>>days, once we're caught up on everything else.
> Continuing the renaming+consistency theme, I think we should settle
> on our header file names being either singular or plural.  FWIW I prefer 
> singular, so this is how I plan to rename them:
>    apreq.h              ->      apreq_util.h
>    apreq_env.h          ->      apreq.h
>    apreq_params.h       ->      apreq_param.h
>    apreq_parsers.h      ->      apreq_parser.h
> After that, a single C<< #include "apreq.h" >> should include every other
> header, so their actual names really shouldn't matter to apreq users.
> Also I think we should split "src/" into "inc/" + "lib/", move the headers to 

"include" is sort for more widely used.

"lib" is sort of a perlish thing, so it's a bit confusing.

How about:


or keep the headers along with *.c

> "inc/", and drop the apreq_ prefix from the remaining .c files.  That way
> we're left with "lib/" consisting of
>       version.c
>       cookie.c
>       param.c
>       util.c               (was apreq.c)
>       module.c             (was apreq_env.c)
>       module_cgi.c         (was apreq_env_cgi.c)
>       module_custom.c      (was apreq_env_custom.c)
>       parser_multipart.c  (was apreq_parsers.c)
>       parser_urlencoded.c ("        ")
>       parser_headers.c    ("        ")

-0. When loading several files from different projects in the same editor 
this becomes confusing.

+1 to keep apreq_ prefix in all files.

In any case you must keep the apreq_ prefix for header files, so having 
the *.c files the same way is quite consistent.

> Next, the "env/" directory needs to be renamed; I suggest "mod/", in
> keeping with "inc/" and "lib/". 

It's a home of mod_apreq, so why not just call it that way?


> IMO mod_apreq.c is really too big, and
> I think it deserves its own mod/apache2/ subdir so we can break that
> file up:
>     env/mod_apreq.c ->   mod/apache2/ 
>                                  handle.c
>                                  filter.c
>                                  command.c

unless something has changed recently in the branch you work on (I'm 
looking at HEAD) I can't see anything but mod_apreq under the current env/

as for apache2, it's interesting. Do you think apache1.3 might be added at 
some point too?

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