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From Max Kellermann <>
Subject deprecated attribute? / naming
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 21:20:26 GMT
On 2005/02/06 21:56, Joe Schaefer <> wrote:
> Given the amount of changes, I think that's a very good idea.  So
> anything we mark in 2.05-dev as deprecated will mean that we're
> planning to remove these items in the 2.06 (non-developer) release,
> ok?


A little bit about names..

I noticed you deprecated "apreq_cookie()" and replaced it by
"apreq_jar_get()". "jar" used to be the name for the class which
collects cookies. I would rather drop the name "jar" now in favor of

 apr_status_t (*cookies)(apreq_env_handle_t *, const apr_table_t **);
 apreq_cookie_t *(*cookie_get)(apreq_env_handle_t *, const char *);

When we're discussing the function names in apreq_env.h, what do you
think about the following renames:

 apreq_args_get -> apreq_get_arg
 apreq_jar_get -> apreq_get_cookie

I'm unsure about how "apreq_body_get" could fit into that
scheme. "apreq_get_body" somehow conflicts with "apreq_body" because
both contain the singular form of "body".


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