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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: pass_through options
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 06:43:54 GMT
On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Joe Schaefer wrote:

> The problem with META.yml is that it is not implemented on
> CPAN outside of the noindex field.  What I think that
> means is that the top-level makefile must either be
> derived from Module::Build or ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
> otherwise PAUSE will not understand our prereqs and
> provided modules.

I'm not sure about how PAUSE will see the provided modules;
a guess is that it will look for .pm files, which if they're
autogenerated, would be a problem, but this could be handled
by providing a dummy .pm file just listing the provided
modules and versions, like mp2 does now.

For the prerequisites (and I assume we're talking about
the CPAN/CPANPLUS shell being able to follow them), if
I understand correctly, I think what's expected
is that the top-level Makefile has the following structure,
at the top:

# blah
# blah
#    PREREQ_PM => {A::B=>q[1.2], C::D=>[3.4] }
# blah
# blah
# --- MakeMaker post_initialize section:

This comes from's prereq_pm sub, where it opens
up the generated Makefile and looks for PREREQ_PM (until
/MakeMake post_initialize section/ is encountered). What
might then work is that, in the generated top-level
Makefile, include this preamble with the desired PREREQ_PM.

best regards,

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