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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: SIGSEGV when mod_apreq2 is not loaded; void*env?
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 09:57:52 GMT
Max Kellermann <> writes:


> My idea: apreq_request (and apreq_env_*; are these public?) gets an
> additional parameter, the env module. If an application passes
> apache2_module, it can be sure that the request_rec pointer it also
> passes will be understood.  Additionally, it imported the
> apache2_module symbol from mod_apreq2 and the linker (dlopen) already
> checked that mod_apreq2 was loaded.
> This way, you could also drop the "const char*qs" parameter from
> apreq_request. It can be replaced by a "query_string_module" which
> receives the query string as env pointer.
> This is an API/ABI change, but you could also add a new function with
> that new parameter, and let the old function use the old global
> apreq_env variable (and choose query_string_module if qs!=NULL).
> If we agree on my solution, I will write a patch.

API changes are still ok, and that's certainly worth taking
a look at.  Let's see what you come up with.

Joe Schaefer

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