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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: pass_through options
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 05:34:02 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Stas Bekman <> writes:
> [...]
>>Please explain what the problem with META.yml and I'll look at it.
> The problem with META.yml is that it is not implemented on CPAN outside
> of the noindex field.  What I think that means is that the top-level 
> makefile must either be derived from Module::Build or ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
> otherwise PAUSE will not understand our prereqs and provided modules.
> Our current Makefile.PL is just a thin wrapper around the ./configure script.
> I don't see how to make it work with the PAUSE indexer without rewriting
> it.

I'm afraid I'm not following you. What PAUSE has to do with  Module::Build 
or ExtUtils::MakeMaker? Did you mean CPAN and CPANPLUS shells? In which 
case you probably talk about the lack of WriteMakefile() in the top-level 

it's time to start uploding libapreq to CPAN and just try it so you can 
see whether it works or not. You can embed _ in the distro name if you are 
afraid to index it just yet, but you can still install it via CPAN shell 
by specifying the full distro name.

>>I can't see how is it going to help the problem I'm having. Can you
>>please give more details?
> Nope-  I confess my total ignorance.

So how do we do that? If ./configure wasn't re-running 
glue/perl/Makefile.PL, that would be doable by messing a bit with 
MakeMaker to make it pass the unconsumed @ARGV further to 
glue/perl/Makefile.PL (see below)

>>I see at least one more problem: the glue/perl/Makefile.PL is run once
>>during the top-level Makefile.PL run, and then once more from ./configure. 
>>It's run with different arguments each time.
> You shouldn't need to run ./configure *in addition* to running 
> perl Makefile.PL.  The Makefile.PL script execs it automatically,
> and ./configure will execute the glue/perl/Makefile.PL script at
> some point down the road.  If you'd like to change that behavior, 
> please post a patch before committing it so I can look it over.

That's not what I'm saying (and doing). What's I'm saying is:

1) the glue/perl/Makefile.PL is run once during the top-level Makefile.PL run,

2)  then once more from ./configure (which is run by the top-level 

It's run with different arguments each time.

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