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From Max Kellermann <>
Subject [PATCH] second snapshot of my "let's kill void*env" patch
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 22:14:09 GMT

the patches have become too large to be accepted by ezmlm, please get
them from my web server:

Changes since the first snapshot:

apreq-fix_gcc_warnings-v2.patch changes
- fixed variable declaration after statement in
- fixed many many warnings in the test cases
- warning workaround in env/t/TEST.PL
- apreq.h: introduce apreq_deconst() as a hack
- apreq.h: converted some macros to inline functions to avoid name
  clashes (warnings)

new: apreq-move_cgi.patch
- move the cgi env module to its own source

new: apreq-rename_to_apreq_env_module_t.patch
- rename apreq_env_t to apreq_env_module_t

apreq-lets_kill_void_env-0.0.2.patch changes
- apreq_handle_t renamed to apreq_env_handle_t
- src/apreq_apache.h moved to env/apreq_env_apache2.h
- constructors renamed to areqp_env_make_X()
- renamed "null" module to "custom"
- moved "custom" module into apreq_env_custom.c
- "custom" accepts a bucket brigade
- tests use custom+bb for MFD tests

I have added the warning flags to acinclude.m4, including one which is
only available on gcc-3.4 (only enabled in maintainer mode).

>From my TODO list:
- still, more testing and test cases, especially for subrequests
- perl glue (joe)
- remove the second parameter from apreq_request() and apreq_cookie()
- review the apreq_env_t interface
- more apreq cleanup
  - redesign apreq_parser_initialize() in a thread safe way
  - some strings go through apr_strdup() twice, e.g. in
- check build scripts with other gcc versions or other c compilers


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