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From Max Kellermann <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] first snapshot of my "let's kill void*env" patch
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 00:19:18 GMT
On 2005/01/10 00:58, Joe Schaefer <> wrote:
> That's where it started (env/libapreq_cgi.a), but we moved it into 
> src/ to provide a "default" environment (and IIRC skirt some WinFU
> problems we were having trouble with).  Here's the original proposal

I'm not a w32 expert, and I am therefore not sure if this is still an
issue with the new API. It would be sad for the w32 platform if it
still was.

> If we don't want the library to provide a default, we should move
> the cgi env back to env/.  But I don't see that as a positive thing
> just yet.

The point is, there is no default anymore. There may be a number of
"core" modules which the basic provides. One core module
candidate is the "null" or "custom" module I introduced.

For me, it makes sense to move CGI back into its own library, but I
don't feel that's very important. CGI does well as a core module,
because it has no more dependencies than apreq itself.


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