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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] libapreq 1.33 (mp1)
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 20:34:14 GMT
On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Stas Bekman wrote:

> Randy Kobes wrote:
[ ... ]
> > I'm not sure if PAUSE supports the new feature in META.yml
> > (specifying something as private, not to be indexed).
> > However, the mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1 package on a CPAN mirror
> > doesn't have a mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1.meta file, which if I
> > understand correctly, PAUSE automatically extracts from a
> > distribution if it finds a META.yml file within the
> > distribution (like it does for README, creating
> > mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1.readme, which does exist). So maybe PAUSE
> > never saw the META.yml file under mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1 for
> > some reason?
> Strange. I've just checked, it has the correct file.
> name:         mod_perl
> version_from: lib/
> installdirs:  site
> private:
>      directory:
>          - Apache-Test
> distribution_type: module

There is that META.yml file within the package, but, eg,
doesn't have an explicit mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1.meta
file, like there is for, eg, mod_perl-1.28.

> > Even if it did, however, I'm not sure it would solve
> > this problem, as the full META.yml may not be implemented
> > yet by PAUSE.
> I think private: should be working. Let me ping some people.

That would be the best solution, of course. It seems to be
working in principle for some examples; for example, for
IO-Prompt, the META.yml file includes

name: IO-Prompt
version: 0.02
    - inc
generated_by: Module::Install version 0.35

and in the IO-Prompt-0.02/inc/ directory there's, for
example, Module::Install, and yet the CPAN indexer correctly
associates Module::Install with the Module-Install
distribution (this is actually a good test, as IO-Prompt
and Module-Install have Autrijus Tang as the author, so
it's not a question of permissions that Module::Install
of IO-Prompt didn't get indexed).

best regards,

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