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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] libapreq 1.33 (mp1)
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 20:50:39 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>Randy Kobes wrote:
> [ ... ]
>>>I'm not sure if PAUSE supports the new feature in META.yml
>>>(specifying something as private, not to be indexed).
>>>However, the mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1 package on a CPAN mirror
>>>doesn't have a mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1.meta file, which if I
>>>understand correctly, PAUSE automatically extracts from a
>>>distribution if it finds a META.yml file within the
>>>distribution (like it does for README, creating
>>>mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1.readme, which does exist). So maybe PAUSE
>>>never saw the META.yml file under mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1 for
>>>some reason?
>>Strange. I've just checked, it has the correct file.
>>name:         mod_perl
>>version_from: lib/
>>installdirs:  site
>>     directory:
>>         - Apache-Test
>>distribution_type: module
> There is that META.yml file within the package, but, eg,
> doesn't have an explicit mod_perl-2.0.0-RC1.meta
> file, like there is for, eg, mod_perl-1.28.

I suppose something went wrong then. Philippe has released this file, so I 
haven't seen the indexer report. Nor PAUSE lets me reindex it :( Philippe, 
could you try to force re-indexing of RC1 via pause and see why it doesn't 
pick META.yaml?

>>>Even if it did, however, I'm not sure it would solve
>>>this problem, as the full META.yml may not be implemented
>>>yet by PAUSE.
>>I think private: should be working. Let me ping some people.
> That would be the best solution, of course. It seems to be
> working in principle for some examples; for example, for
> IO-Prompt, the META.yml file includes
> name: IO-Prompt
> version: 0.02
> no_index:
>   directory:
>     - inc
> generated_by: Module::Install version 0.35
> and in the IO-Prompt-0.02/inc/ directory there's, for
> example, Module::Install, and yet the CPAN indexer correctly
> associates Module::Install with the Module-Install
> distribution (this is actually a good test, as IO-Prompt
> and Module-Install have Autrijus Tang as the author, so
> it's not a question of permissions that Module::Install
> of IO-Prompt didn't get indexed).

Thanks for doing the research, Randy. That probably means that 'no_index' 
is implemented by PAUSE, but 'private' (which should do the same thing) 
and that's the key that was agreed on when discussing on p5p wasn't. So 
it's probably the best to adjust mp2 to use this key (no_index) and then 
next A-T release will fix the problem, and mp2-RC2 will not recreate it.

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