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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: updating apreq website to mention svn?
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 23:39:50 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Stas Bekman <> writes:
>>should the site be updated to have:
>>svn checkout
> +0.   No "+1" from me because I'm not going to remain the only 
> committer willing to do website maintenance.  I can understand
> if you don't want to do it, but we have a few other apreq
> committers out there besides myself, you, and Randy.

I certainly don't mind to do that, it's just a way too big challenge to 
spend hours every time 2 lines need to be updated.

>>Sorry, I never remember where that info lives and how to update it.
> It's somewhat of an adventure in Java to get the docs to build,
> but for something simple like this, someone can just patch xdocs/apreq 
> docs/apreq manually and commit it.  The commit will fail for any
> apreq committer without httpd commit privs (ie you and Geoff),
> because apreq committers have apparently lost some of their 
> commit privs to during the subversion changeover. I'll try to get that 
> resolved by the httpd pmc soonish, but I'm not very optimistic about
> getting a quick resolution. 

How about taking the single apreq page out of the complex httpd-docs setup 
and have a simple script that does the trick and updates the pages online?

FWIW, modperl-docs require zero overhead - one commits the change and 
within 6 hours it's online automatically.

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