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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Apache::Request, APR::Table and UTF8
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:13:51 GMT
Stas Bekman <> writes:


> OK, how about this idea: reserve the first char for a perl flags only,

Will apache understand what you're doing with the values in APR::Table?
If you start embedding special characters in the value, won't that cause 
a problem for folks that use APR::Table to set response headers?

If so, I'm against such a change in mod_perl.  APR::Table is chiefly
for working with HTTP headers, which are US-ASCII.  I don't consider
the lack of additional charset support to be a bug in APR::Table.


> Will that create a mess for Apache::Request table subclass Joe?

Probably not, since we override almost everything in APR::Table.
I'm worried more about how apache will deal with it.

Joe Schaefer

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