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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re[2]: multipart/form failure
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 15:09:34 GMT
On Thu, 2 Sep 2004, Alex Oboimov wrote:

> Howdy, Randy.
> You wrote 1 sept 2004, 19:24:42:
> RK> Are you using libapreq2 to handle the file upload?
> RK> Or something else?
> Sorry Randy I'm using my own script to parse form
> data but it was thoroughly debugged in the old
> system and used to work fine. Though I must admit
> some strange behaviour - all files used to get
> extra \r\n symbols, so I was forced to double
> chop() the buffer before inserting it into
> database. That worked for all types of files
> equally.
> RK> Does this problem arise for clients both on Unix and
> RK> Windows? Is it browser-specific?
> Alas, all my clients are windows based - never had
> a chance to check Unix client's behaviour.
> RK> Do you know at what stage the corruption in the .doc
> RK> file occurs (eg, on upload, storing it in the database,
> RK> or on download)?
> Inspection of buffer content after the FORM
> parsing shows that extra \r\n appear both in the
> beginning and at the end of the file so I presume
> the upload process is to blame.
[ ... ]
> But I'm curious to find the source of the problem.
> Plans: to use libapreq though I lack tutorial
> texts concerning Apache::Request and mod_perl as a
> whole.

It'd be interesting to try libapreq2 to see if using
this solves the problem. When using the Apache::Upload
tests on a Windows machine, it was quite easy to get
incorrect line endings on the uploaded files if the
appropriate binmode() on the filehandles was missing. The
current tests check for this, for both binary and text
files - a checksum is computed for a file, the file is then
uploaded and saved, a checksum is computed on the saved
file, and then these two checksums are compared.

libapreq2 is available from
After installation, one can use
   bash$ mp2doc Apache::Upload
to get basic information on using Apache::Upload. One
can also see example usage in the tests -
is what the "client" sends, and
is the response of the server - this tests a number of
ways of getting at the uploaded file.

best regards,

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