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From "Anthony Wells" <>
Subject configure problems
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 00:54:26 GMT
Hi All,

As some on this group may already be aware, I'm trying to create a
specialized module for sending POST data to the subrequests on mod_include.

Bill Rowe had suggested that I use apreq as the building block for this
project and I am inclined to agree.

However, I seem to be encountering more than my fair share of problems with
many of the apache package downloads.

When I go to "./configure --with-apxs=[path to apxs]"  on SuSE Linux 9.1, I
get the following error message:  "build/ failed: no version
string found in ''.
configure: error: Bad apache 2 version"
I have run ./buildconf before hand.

I am using Apache 2.0.49.  (I believe I have upgraded it to 2.0.50 at this

I can get around this problem by using configure pointing to untared Apache
source.  However, after running "make install", the libapreq2 binaries are
installed out in the middle of no where among other strange behavior.  I
went ahead and copied them to /usr/lib with the other ap/apr binaries.

Also, I have no problems using apxs to build (as well as other
modules I might add).  I did go ahead and install this module but on
LoadModule, I get the following error message:
"/usr/lib/apache2/ undefined symbol: apreq_brigade_copy"

This makes me think that the libapreq2 binaries are not functional.

Does anyone know what's going wrong with this?

Thanks in advance,

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