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From "Anthony Wells" <>
Subject Recall of input filter module on completion of output filter processing for a request???
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 16:27:03 GMT
Hi All,

When I was developing my mod_include_post module, I noticed some very odd

My mod_include_post module has both an input and output filter.  The input
filter is registered with
	ap_register_input_filter("includes", includes_post, NULL,
The output filter follows suit.

I noticed that in some cases, say about 10% of the time, I would get
Segmentation Faults when I deleted a bucket brigade used in the input filter
on completion of the output filter.

Further examination found that the input filter was being called again near
completion of the output filter for the request when the request was GET but
not if the request was POST!  The input filter was accessing the bucket
brigade while it was being destroyed.

Again, note, that it did not happen all the time which leads me to believe
that threading issues are involved.

Does anyone out there know why this is happening?  I've corrected for this
problem by removing the input filter if the request is not POST.

I'm using mpm-prefork btw.


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