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From "Anthony Wells" <>
Subject NOW: apreq test modules compile but make test bombs and cannot install them manually
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 19:46:10 GMT
I just downloaded and tried libapreq2-2.04 in order to run the tests.

When running "make test", the binaries are built for all the tests but after
that step I get the error msgs as appears in the attached txt file.

I tried to use apxs to compile and instal mod_apreq_request_test but I get
the following error message:
	Error: Sorry, cannot determine bootstrap symbol name

I'm sure this is coming from apache_httpd_test.h which attempts to use
passing of text for the define.

Since I can actually build the .slo binaries for the test modules, the
question I have at this point is, how do I install them???


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From: news []On Behalf Of Joe Schaefer
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 2:22 PM
Subject: Re: apreq_module conf directive

"Anthony Wells" <> writes:

> Also, I've noticed that there is no command_rec in mod_apreq.  I
> assume then that there is no way to set variables such as
> max_body_count, tempfile, etc...

Much has changed since 2.03-dev was released. Please try the 2.04-dev
release candidate posted on Sunday:

> I also noticed in mod_apred.c there is a line that says
> I believe this should be "APREQ" not "APACHE2"???

No, it is correct.  When future apache releases come out,
we may need another module to support them.  If anything,
APREQ_MODULE_NAME should be changed to "APACHE2.0".

Joe Schaefer

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