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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: apreq_xs_tables.h w/o USE_ITHREADS
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 19:15:06 GMT
Randy Kobes <> writes:

> In the latest cvs httpd-apreq-2 on a linux machine w/o
> USE_ITHREADS defined, I've run into a couple of problems in
> the perl glue, specifically with apreq_xs_tables.h. One
> problem, in apreq_xs_table_keys, is that *d is declared
> within an #ifdef USE_ITHREADS/#endif block, so should be
> moved out.  

+1.  It was originally put in there to evade a silly compiler
warning.  We now always require *d for the tainting mechanics, 
so it needs to come out of the ifdef.

> However, another problem is that both within
> dTHXa() call, which I think should be within #ifdef
> USE_ITHREADS/#endif. 

Why?  Doesn't our ppport.h header define this to dNOOP?

Joe Schaefer

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