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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Problem use Apache::Upload
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 22:40:17 GMT
Markus Wichitill <> writes:


> parse() is always 0, otherwise the init code I posted would stop the
> request early. body_status() see below.

Ok- looks like the mfd parser is running to a succesful completion,
so *it* thinks it parsed the full mfd data.  I can't reproduce
the bug here, so we need to figure out where the last param 
wound up.  Try dumping the body table with something like

  my $t = $req->body;
  print "key = <$a>, val => <$b>" while ($a, $b) = each %$t;

Double-check that the 'ori' parameter value is really empty.

Joe Schaefer

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