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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Release Candidate 2.04-dev-rc1
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2004 14:31:44 GMT

Joe Schaefer wrote:
> It's time to push 2.04-dev out the door.  Folks,
> please test and report your experiences with rc1:

works great on 2.0 worker with 5.8.5.

dumps mega core on 2.1 starting at t/apreq/big_input.t -

#0  0x00a21eb4 in mpxs_Apache__RequestRec_content_type (my_perl=0x8b5e048,
r=0x8c35520, type=0x8cb2100)
    at Apache__RequestRec.h:27
#1  0x00a22457 in XS_Apache__RequestRec_content_type (my_perl=0x8b5e048,
cv=0x8cae498) at RequestRec.xs:37
#2  0x00598e9f in Perl_pp_entersub (my_perl=0x8b5e048) at pp_hot.c:2857
#3  0x005761f7 in Perl_runops_debug (my_perl=0x8b5e048) at dump.c:1442
#4  0x0051feb8 in S_call_body (my_perl=0x8b5e048, myop=0xbe946710,
is_eval=0) at perl.c:2288
#5  0x0051fa26 in Perl_call_sv (my_perl=0x8b5e048, sv=0x8aab8d4, flags=4) at
#6  0x004ffdc6 in modperl_callback (my_perl=0x8b5e048, handler=0x8c570d8,
p=0x8c354e8, r=0x8c35520, s=0x88d9f08,
    args=0x8a397f8) at modperl_callback.c:99
#7  0x00500732 in modperl_callback_run_handlers (idx=6, type=4, r=0x8c35520,
c=0x0, s=0x88d9f08, pconf=0x0, plog=0x0,
    ptemp=0x0, run_mode=MP_HOOK_RUN_FIRST) at modperl_callback.c:268
#8  0x0050097b in modperl_callback_per_dir (idx=6, r=0x8c35520,
run_mode=MP_HOOK_RUN_FIRST) at modperl_callback.c:356
#9  0x004f9748 in modperl_response_handler_run (r=0x8c35520, finish=1) at
#10 0x004f985e in modperl_response_handler (r=0x8c35520) at mod_perl.c:945
#11 0x0806b396 in ap_run_handler (r=0x8c35520) at config.c:156


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