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From Markus Wichitill <>
Subject Re: Trying to test current apreq2 CVS
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 16:58:36 GMT
> Apache::Upload is now a separate module in apreq2's current-cvs,
> so you need to use() it to get the Apache::Request::upload() function.

Dang, should've thought of that.

Anyways, problems I've noticed:

It says $upload->tempname in the docs (and in apreq1), but the actual method
is called $upload->tempfile, and the messages inside the method say

I've already run into the documented problem that PerlIO::APR::seek with a
non-zero offset doesn't work if APR and Perl use different largefile
options. Recompiling Perl and dozens of modules with -Uuselargefiles is no
fun. There isn't by any chance a way to compile Apache with largefiles
support that was added recently?

But even without any non-zero offset seeking I didn't have much luck with
$upload->fh, though my results are too inconsistent to make a useful report.
Usually after something like a single read($upload->fh, $buf, 3) or
seek($upload->fh, 0, 0) the tempfile was gone.

I guess I'll stick to $upload->tempname/file. I suppose the warning about
that method in apreq1 is obsolete now?

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