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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject new apreq2 snapshot
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 21:39:17 GMT
Folks, I just put a new snapshot of current cvs at

Please test it, paying particular attention to the
new multivalued key functionality for the APR::Table
derived APIs.  Conceptually there are two new fixes 
available to perl 5.8.1+ users

  1) table iteration now properly pairs current key 
     with current value, so each(), keys() and values()
     all work nicely with multivalued entries.

  2) Calling $req->param, $req->args, $req->body, $req->upload
     or $jar->get in list context will return the list of keys,
     but the individual keys are augmented with v-string magic
     that reminds the key which object and table-entry it came
     from.  Invoking one of those methods above on such a magic
     key will bypass the apr_table lookup, using the key's v-string
     magic to get the return value instead (this shortcut 
     only happens in scalar context;  list context will still 
     return all values associated to that key).

I don't believe (1) is controversial, so I've backported it to
mp2 and submitted a patch to do the same thing for APR::Table.
However (2) might be, so I'd appreciate some feedback on whether
you like the idea or think it totally sucks.


Joe Schaefer

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