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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [apreq-2] cgi tests
Date Sat, 10 Jul 2004 20:48:28 GMT
Randy Kobes <> writes:


> I knew that in the back of my mind - I was just hoping it
> wasn't just a Win32 problem :)
> You're right about apreq_env.c - if in cgi_log() I change
> the apr_file_printf(err, ...) to fprintf(stderr, ...),
> the cgi tests run. This is with keeping the current
> cgi_header_out(), and also even keeping within cgi_log()
> the apr_file_open_stderr(&err, p) call.

Have you tried running any of the env/cgi/test_cgi manually?
IOW just run the cgi-script as an executable program from the 
command prompt and see what happens. To do this you need to set
the environment manually, and the POST tests will hang until stdin
is closed  It might be worthwhile to add a perl script to cvs that
does all this).

I actually suspect the hanging problem might be in httpd/mod_cgi's 
use of apr_pollset_poll- the Win32 implementation may be broken,
but I'm not certain.  You might try running this by William Rowe 
to see if he's got any clues.

In any case, here's my +1 to just note this issue in STATUS 
and use appropriate #ifdef WIN32 stuff in apreq_env.c to get 
all the tests passing again.

Joe Schaefer

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