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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] docs, tables, tests (was: Re: separate pod files for Apache:: packages)
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 23:39:08 GMT
Randy Kobes <> writes:


> Although you later found not much advantage to separating
> out the Apache::*::Table packages, it still seems to make
> sense (?) to separate out the Table.pod (as well as
> Error.pod), as they're similar.

+1.  Basically I'm toying with adding something like this to 
the bottom of glue/perl/Makefile.PL:

sub copy_docs {
    my @lines;
    my $dfs = '$(DIRFILESEP)';

    foreach my $file (@_) {
        my @dirs;
        $file =~ /(\w+\.pod)$/ or next;
        if ($1 eq "Error.pod" or $1 eq "Table.pod") {
            push @dirs, catfile("Apache", $_) for qw/Request Cookie Upload/;
        else {
            push @dirs, catfile "Apache";
        push @lines, map <<EOT, @dirs;
subdirs :: \$(INST_LIBDIR)$dfs$_$dfs$1
\$(INST_LIBDIR)$dfs$_$dfs$1: $file
	\$(MKPATH) \$(INST_LIBDIR)$dfs$_
	\$(CP) $file \$(INST_LIBDIR)$dfs$_$dfs$1

    return join "", @lines;

sub MY::postamble {
    return copy_docs <docs/*.pod>;

It's messy, but that will just copy whatever pods we put in 
the ./docs subdir into their proper location in ./blib,
duplicating Table.pod and Error.pod as necessary.

> I could take a look at using Test::Inline to make some basic
> API tests (probably this weekend - I'm away for this week).
> From what I understand, one inserts the basic code for a
> test within the pod, and then use a supplied script to
> extract the tests into a .t test file that is run as usual
> (developers do the extraction, so users don't have to
> install Test::Inline). So with this it'd probably be a good
> idea to have two separate test directories - one for these
> tests (requiring Test::More), and the present one using
> Apache-Test.

Right- I guess we could also use the ./docs subdir to hold the 
.t files Test::Inline generates, and add a "test" target to the 
MY::postamble sub above to include them in a `make test` run.

If this is ok, let's name new directory "api", since it holds
our api docs *and* their tests.

Joe Schaefer

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