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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject [apreq2] perl glue status
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 02:44:48 GMT
AFAICT the perl-glue is now fully implemented
and ignoring new methods and API extensions, 
the changes over 1.X are


  1) You must use the two-argument form of $req->args or $req->body 
     to assign parameters to the request. You may no longer use

        $req->param("foo" => "bar"); # invalid in 2.X


  1) parse() is gone.

  2) name() and value() no longer accept a ``set'' 
     argument. In other words, neither a cookie's name
     nor its value, may be modified. A new cookie should 
     be made instead.


  1) next() is gone.

  2) info($header) accessor is replaced by info($table),
     which reassigns the table. 

  3) type() returns only the MIME-type portion of the 
     Content-Type header.

If anybody's aware of other differences from apreq1's API, 
please share that here.  I've rolled another snapshot for
folks to try out

Reminder: 2.04-dev will require the next version of mp2,
so you need a current snapshot of mp2 to test it.


ps- anybody running/testing apreq2 on OSX?  I'm curious
to know if things build ok there.

Joe Schaefer

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