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From Markus Wichitill <>
Subject Re: Problem use Apache::Upload
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 21:37:17 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Markus Wichitill wrote:
>>Sorry, no test patch since my modifications to upload.t
>>are too ugly (a copy of the second foreach loop with a
>>hardcoded filename basically). That "getfiles-binary"
>>stuff in there is so obscure that I can't figure out how
>>to properly add another bigger file to @names.
> The /getfiles-binary-(perl|httpd) is defined by Apache-Test
> just to be an alias to the (perl|httpd) binary on the system
> (see httpd.conf). What you might try is adding a similar
> alias in httpd.conf to another file and then adding that to
> @names (making sure when running the tests that you don't
> regenerate httpd.conf).

I tried that, but httpd.conf is generated every time from I guess, which in turn is generated from whoknowswhat, 
and that's where I stopped.

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