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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [apreq-2] Various test issues
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 18:28:26 GMT
Markus Wichitill wrote:
> Randy Kobes wrote:
>> Running the tests as root (for any package) generally casues
>> problems with Apache-Test, for reasons of permissions, as
>> you saw. I don't think there's a general fix yet, apart from
>> running the tests as non-root.
> Well, ever since the tests did the chowning to nobody, it worked fine. 
> It's just that in this case the test upload files are written to 
> perl/glue (the CWD), which isn't owned by nobody, unlike perl/glue/t. 
> Maybe they should be moved to t:

Correct. A-T changes the files ownership only under t/ where all the 
activity should happen and not outside of it, since it's impossible to 
know what other dirs may need to be chdired and whether it's a safe 
thing to do at all (since we are running as root)

Other than that A-T works just fine when run as root as long as the 
directory where t/ resides is accessible (rx) by the user Apache is 
running under.

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