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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: new apreq2 snapshot
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 04:01:47 GMT

>>fwiw, I get a truckload of errors trying to compile against 2.1, which seem
>>to stem from a missing off64_t definition.
> Are you sure you're not mixing apr-0.9.4 and apr-1.0?

pretty sure - I just point to an existing 2.1 install that passed all the
mod_perl tests.  there is no srclib/apr/CVS/Tag file in my build sources to
indicate I'm using anything other than HEAD for both httpd and apr for that
build.  I also don't see any off64_t definitions anywhere in my 2.0 build,
while they are sprinked in srclib/apr/ and a few other places in
2.1.  but maybe it doesn't have anything to do with that at all.

anyway, can you get it to compile against 2.1 ok?  I didn't know how much of
a concern 2.1 is to apreq, and it's certainly less of an issue if the issue
is just mine.


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