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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [apreq-2] $upload->tempname on Win32
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 17:28:23 GMT
Markus Wichitill wrote:
>>>+        open my $fh, "<:APR", $upload->tempname, $p or die $!;
>>The difficult request.t tests will still pass, and users
>>will get a seekable filehandle just like the one from apreq1.
> How many people will really get a seekable APR::PerlIO handle? My SuSE 9.0
> box is a run-of-the-mill Linux system, and those handles are not seekable
> because Perl by default compiles with largefile support and APR doesn't.
> "[Sun Jul 04 18:57:14 2004] [error] PerlIO::APR::seek with non-zero offsetis
> not supported with Perl built w/ -Duselargefiles and APR w/o largefiles
> support"
> And, as Stas confirmed, it's Perl 5.8 only. Not that I care much about 5.6
> personally.

You could manually tweak the APR source to enable it. Or recompile perl to 
disable it.

Every time I have raised the issue on apr-dev, the problem was the sendfile 
interface. It's simply hardcoded to disable LFS on linux. Apparently no-one 
over apr-dev cares about the LFS issue to fix it. I suppose if more people 
start complaining posting directly to apr-dev, it will get fixed sooner.

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