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From "Keith C. Perry" <>
Subject Problem use Apache::Upload
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 07:08:18 GMT
I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction here.  I'm
been wrestling for the last couple of days with creating a simple file upload
page with mod_perl.

After trying to get this going on a 2.0.47 build, I decided to start from
scratch to make sure everything was clean, thus my environment now is:

Apache 2.0.50
mod_perl 1.99_15-dev      (build from CVS)
Apache::Request 2.04-dev  (built from CVS libapreq)

What is happening is that none of the method seem to be found so if I have a
script snippet...

use Apache::Upload;
use strict;

my $r=Apache->request;
my $req = Apache::Request->new($r);
my $upload = $req->upload();
my $fname  = $upload->filename();
my $io = $upload->io();
$r->print while <$io>;

I get error like this for filename() in the server error log...

[Fri Jul 30 02:25:54 2004] [error] Can't locate object method "filename" via
package "Apache::Upload::Table" at /www/local/upload.mpl line 18.

Even when I user mod_perl 1.99_14 and Apache::Request 2-2.03-dev, I get similar
"can't locate object" errors.  There seems to be a number of things on the net
detailing how to do file uploads using the Apache::Request module so I can't
understand why the object just simply aren't there.  BTW, I did not upgrade APR
from cvs, I'm using whatever came with the .50 release of httpd (0.9.5?).

Keith C. Perry, MS E.E.
Director of Networks & Applications
VCSN, Inc.
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