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From Markus Wichitill <>
Subject Re: Apache::Upload API
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 19:14:08 GMT
> I'd *really* prefer to stay out of the IO game
> Sorry, let me try to sound a little more positive.

I wouldn't want to touch that nasty XS stuff any more than necessary,
either. ;)

> Bear in mind that link() fails far less in the MP2 version (since it
> *will* copy the file across mount points if necessary).

Sounds good. What reason for failure would be left then?

BTW, what happens on Windows? I know that it does work somehow, but does
it use NTFS hardlinks, or does it copy the tempfile to the destination
even if that's one the same drive?

>   2) filename() just needs be written (remember it's the
>      filename buried in the Content-Disposition header).  It's easy to
>      implement now, just nobody has bothered to do it yet.

Whoops, I must've confused both of us, filename() works just fine. I
guess I meant tempfile() after all, although looking at my code, I
haven't been using that, what with the warning being in the docs in 1.x

Another small thing, DISABLE_UPLOADS (listed as TODO) lately started to
spam the log with "Unrecognized attribute" warnings. If there's any
chance that it will come back, it would be nice if there were no such

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