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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: win32/
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 03:18:46 GMT
On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, Markus Wichitill wrote:

> Hi,
> since the winnipeg site currently doesn't seem to have the
> newest Windows builds of mod_perl and libapreq2,

The reason for that is that

- for mod_perl, the latest CPAN version (1.99_14) has
problems on Win32 that are fixed in the current cvs version.
There's a mod_perl-dev ppm package (version 1.99_15-dev)
that is built on a recent cvs version that you may want to
try. However, this version isn't the most recent, as there's
some development going on (decoupling the APR::* modules
from that still need some work to function
on Win32.

- for libapreq2, I was hoping to have the above problem
solved before making up a newer apreq2 ppm package (as when
this problem is fixed, one would be able to use
Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie in a cgi environment).
This would also have the advantage of compiling this against
a more recent mod_perl version (in this development cycle,
sometimes there's incompatibilities with older versions). If
this doesn't happen soonish, though, I'll make up a newer
libapreq2 based on an older mod_perl.

> I've tried to compile them myself for a
> change, and I've noticed two problems:
> The win32/ script searches in the hardcoded
> "Program files" directory. Using $ENV{ProgramFiles}
> instead should make this work on non-English Windows.

Thanks - I'll change that.

> If Doxygen is in the PATH, the script tries to find an
> absolute path to its doxysearch tool by searching through
> the Apache directories, and fails if it's not found. I
> don't use doxysearch and had to kick Doxygen from the PATH
> to get the Configure script to finish.

I'll look at fixing that up as well.

> BTW, did anyone try to build either mod_perl or libapreq
> with Microsoft's free VC Toolkit?

I personally haven't, for reasons that VC++ 7 uses a new C
runtime library, compared to VC++ 6. Since ActivePerl uses
VC++ 6, ppm packages built with VC++ 7 will need to have
available the VC++ 7 runtime library. Using Perl under these
circumstances means 2 runtime libraries will be loaded,
which may be problematic under certain circumstances.

If you wanted to use VC++ 7, it's probably better to compile
Perl (and Apache) with it yourself, to avoid these potential

best regards,

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