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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: 2.03-dev-rc3 (was Re: 5.6.1 segfaults during perl tests)
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 22:34:11 GMT
On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> > Regarding the 5.8.4+ithreads problem, I'd again suggest
> > you take a look at any changes in sv_magic's
> > implementation, because that's what we use to pass the
> > request_rec (env for us) along to the the parent class
> > (Apache::RequestRec), and it's being mangled somehow.
> > Otherwise diff ppport.h and see what's changed in the
> > THX macros...
> ok, I have a feeling this might have all been my fault.
> I've gone through so many builds today that I can hardly
> keep things straight, but at some point I started with a
> fresh apache and mod_perl build and now I can't get my old
> problem back.  bugs that fix themselves, nice :)
> so, unless someone that isn't me has any issues with a
> threaded 5.8.4, it might have just been a silly user
> error.

It's great that it worked itself out, but I wonder if it may
not be such a silly error - perhaps a mismatch between using
part of an installed version and the rest from the new
build? I've seen that happen on Win32, which admittedly is
quite different in this respect, but when it does happen,
it leads to similar errors (I'm working on trying to prevent
it on Win32).

best regards,

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