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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Issues with CPAN releases
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 08:34:50 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Joe Schaefer <> writes:
>>David Wheeler <> writes:
>>>On Jun 21, 2004, at 4:50 PM, Joe Schaefer wrote:
>>>>I'm looking for a discussion on how to
>>>>make CPAN work better for us.  Two issues
>>>>I'd like to ask about are
>>>>  1)  How should we set up CPAN so that
>>>>      any apreq-dev committer can volunteer
>>>>      to do a release?
>>>>At the moment I don't know if other committers
>>>>have the appropriate CPAN permissions for libapreq.
>>>>Is there a way to put create an "apreq-dev" CPAN
>>>>user/group that we may all share?
>>>No, but you can use PAUSE to add co-owners. Just add the other
>>>committers as co-owners and you'll be good to go.
>>OK, I'll try that.
> Eh, no go.  Apache::Request's CPAN owner is Jim Winstead (JIMW),
> Apache::Cookie belongs to APML- "The Apache/Perl Mailing List". 
> Like Randy and Stas, I'm listed as a co-maintainer for both modules, 
> so I have insufficient privs to add other maintainers.
> Anybody here have access to the APML account?  I'll try to
> get in touch with Jim about transferring ownership to APML.

I think that would be Doug.

CPAN really should move to group accounts, not only because of perms, but also 
because of confusion that it creates if users go to the developer's CPAN dir 
for the latest release, when someone else has done the release. In mp2 and A-T 
we already take turns to do releases and it's confusing. Moreover cpan-testers 
emails arriving to the person who did the release, instead of the list where 
the group supports the module.

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