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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: 2.03-dev-rc3 (was Re: 5.6.1 segfaults during perl tests)
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 13:58:09 GMT

> It's because brigades can represent data streams (eg files) that may be 
> larger than available memory.  But reading a brigade into a string
> does demand the brigade actually fit; thus the (usually smaller) apr_size_t 
> instead of apr_off_t.

cool, thanks for the explanation.

>>anyway, I tried fixing it by declaring both types and using some casts
>>so it compiles, but I get core dumps left and right in the tests.  so
>>sorry, no patch from me atm.
> I'm aware of the warning, but have not bothered to deal with it.
> Typecasts might be a mistake here (because we're mixing
> signed and unsigned numeric types).  Maybe we just need an extra 
> apr_size_t variable?

well, this is what I tried, both with and without the cast in the
assignment.  but I guess the reason it fails is because the apr_off_t is
larger (which I didn't realize - I thought they were both ints).  and my C
skills aren't good enough to know why if this doesn't work it would work for
me if I ignored the warnings (which I haven't tried yet).


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