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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: CPAN Apache::Request typo in test suite
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 22:55:08 GMT
[Christoph, please always keep the list CC'ed and serve well other users who 
might be looking for a solution for the same problem you have had]

Christoph Rudorff wrote:

>>>>While installing tons of perl modules on my MacOSX,
>>>>make test failed on Apache::Request (libapreq-1.3).
>>>>Its just this typo in the tests:
>>>>- printf "method => %s\n", $apr->method;
>>>>+ $r->printf("method => %s\n", $apr->method);
>>>>now the test passes as expected.
>>Quite a few people on MacOSX had the problem with tied STDOUT not
>>working. It's a problem of MacOSX perl, not mod_perl's. Noone has
>>posted how did they solve the problem, but something about rebuilding
>>the perl.
> I'm using Mac OSX's apache and perl. I dont use fink or so ... just make 
> utils and cpan. Maybe thats the answer.

I've never used Mac OSX, so unfortunately I can't help. Try to ask at the mac 
perl list?

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