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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: apreq_param with uploads
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 22:37:54 GMT
On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 21:30, Joe Schaefer wrote:

> Which version of libapreq2 are you talking about?  Which pointer
> is 0x3- the return value of apreq_param, or the param's bucket brigade?
> Maybe some example code would help?

The latest available for download - libapreq2-2.02-dev. The parameter
returned by apreq_param() is reported by gdb as pointer value 0x3 (my
guess is that 3 gets added to NULL somewhere along the line). Bucket
brigade cannot be accessed because the param is an invalid pointer.

The example is easy. Simply have a multipart/form-data form. Have one of
the input fields be of type file. Then in the code attempt apreq_param()
on that name, before (or without) calling apreq_upload(). The returned
value will be an invalid pointer.


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