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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2 patch] getting APR to work w/o modperl
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 17:21:44 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:
> On Sun, 16 May 2004, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>I'm not sure at the moment, but here's the test case
>>>I used with VC++ (I'll try it tomorrow on linux).
>>[test case snipped]
>>That's neat, Randy. If it works on linux I suggest that we
>>post it to the apr-dev list and ask for an advice there.
>>After all we try to solve the problem for APR interface,
>>so it shouldn't be offtopic. And I'm sure folks there will
>>give us a definitive yes, no, and may be some extra
> Hi Stas,
>     I've tried the example on linux (gcc 3.2.2), and it
> seems to work the same. Just to be explicit, how I compiled
> things are as follows:
>   gcc -c -fPIC a.c
>   gcc -shared -fPIC -o a.o
>   gcc -c -fPIC b.c
>   gcc -shared -fPIC -o b.o
>   gcc -c -fPIC c.c
> Then tried making in two ways:
>   1) gcc -shared -fPIC -o -L$HOME -lmya -lmyb
>   2) gcc -shared -fPIC -o -L$HOME -lmyb -lmya
> and compiling the testit application as
>   gcc -o testit testit.c -L$HOME -lmyc
> Using the 1st way of making (-lmya -lmyb), testit
> outputs
>   Hello from a
>   Hello again from b
> whereas the 2nd way of making (-lmyb -lmya) yields
>   Hello from b
>   Hello again from b

Excellent! Good work, Randy!

> One apparent difference between Windows and linux is that,
> in the 2nd way of compiling (-lmyb -lmya, where
> both required symbols come from, on Linux
> still needs to be available, whereas on Windows
> it doesn't.

That should be fine, since APR/Foo.o will be linked against only.

>>If everything else failing, it seems like we have a happy solution for
>>windows. But ideally I'd like to see one solution for all platforms if
>>such is possible. Do you think it's worth the try? I guess you will see
>>first how hard is it going to be to make the special case for windows. If
>>there is not too much mess, we may just do it for windows.
> I'll try it for Windows and see how much is involved; if
> this works as expected, it should just involve changing
> how things are compiled, as well as the order ( coming
> first). But one of the joys of working with Windows is
> that things are never as expected ;)


>>But I keep on mentioning AIX, which also wants a similar
>>to .def file (.exp I think), so it probably will have the
>>same issues.
> I don't have access to an AIX machine, but it looks like
> it would be similar to Windows, and much of the special
> handling seems to be already in place as far as link
> options, etc. go.

Yes, the only change that will be needed is that .exp handling, similar to 
windows's .def.

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